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Cosworth DFV
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XD3 V8 engine
The original engine was a Meugen Honda V10, but the engines and components are now obsolete, so the customer approached us to see what we could offer on a limited budget.

Protechs XD3 is very popular with driving school owners due to the reliability and forgiving nature of the engine.

Protech Engines can also be found in hillclimb cars in the UK and Europe.

Component Manufacture Cosworth YB 2WD and 4WD high pressure oil pumps, RS500 throttle bodies, WRC inlet plenums, 8 injector inlet manifolds, Remanufacture of Bosch 803 “Green” fuel injectors.



Protech Motorsport is quickly building up an enviable reputation as producing some of the most powerful and reliable racing engines in motorsport. Proprietor Jeremy Scott comes from a technical/engineering background, and served 5 years with Cosworth Racing before setting up Protech. The business predominantly comprises of racing engine rebuilds/conversions and component manufacture.

Established in 2008, Daventry based Protech Motorsport uses Jeremy's extensive knowledge of the racing and motorsport industry to supply competitive engines and components whether they be historic F1, V8 or 4 cylinder. Protech has supplied historic F1 components to engine builders and drivers alike. Protech can be found in engines used in TGP and the Masters series, as well as Boss GP and Formula Libra.

Past engine builds include:- GP Masters spec Cosworth DFV, Cosworth DFR (Euroboss), Protech XD3 (customer engine 1999 Jordan F1)

In the 5 years spent at Cosworth, Jeremy was fortunate enough to work with some very talented people and learn a vast amount about how to build and prepare some of the most powerful engines in the world. At the same time, he was heavily involved in component manufacture, from historic 4 and 8 cylinder engines, to the more modern design road engines such as the YB used in the Sierra and Escort Cosworth range of vehicles. This knowledge and level of care is used in all of Protechs components.

Future engine projects include:- GP masters MONZA spec DFV, Protech XD3 (repeat order), Protech XD3 engine conversion, TGP DFV rebuild.
It is anticipated that the Monza spec DFV engine build will set the benchmark as the most powerful 3 litre DFV built to date with circa 530 bhp at 10,000 rpm.


Spotlight on Previous Engines

cosworth DFV
GP MASTERS SPEC. max revs 10,500 rpm. max power 481bhp @ 10,000 rpm

Cosworth engine
COSWORTH XD in naturally aspirated form

Protech is also involved in the sale of Jaguar F1 cars from 2001 - 2005, utilising the original Cosworth CK V10 engine, retuned to 16,000 rpm and 750 bhp, these cars are elegible for Boss GP and other racing series such as Formula Libre. Alternatively they would make an ideal addition to the stables of an F1 driving school.


Racing engine rebuilds, conversions and component manufacture
Unit 5, Wayside@Braunston Business Park, London Road, Braunston, Northamptonshire, NN11 7HB.
Tel/Fax. +44 (0) 1788 890421
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